We continually develop all of our workshops and tender training to ensure they are up to date with latest changes to procurement practice, the way each individual local authority and procurement team approaches their tendering, and opportunities from changing priorities such as the introduction of Social Value.

Because we spend every day working on real, live tenders we are able to share insights and experience from the widest range of markets and sectors, and what makes a winning tender and winning business. In the last few years hundreds of managers have attended our workshops, and we are proud of our 99.9% positive feedback - it's about making a real difference to your efforts.

We can take you step buy step through every stage of the process. Current workshops include:

  • YOUR ROUTE TO SUCCESS - the fundamentals of finding and winning your share of the market.
  • WINNING THROUGH THE PROCUREMENT PROCESS - an end-to-end walk through of current procurement processes and practices and how to successfully gain an edge each step of the way.
  • BID WRITING MASTERCLASS - sharing with you key insights and understanding to help you think like a professional.
  • UNDERSTANDING AND USING SOCIAL VALUE - using our expertise and understanding to help you make the most of all of your assets.

All of our FREE workshops and events are made possible through our partnership with the North East Purchasing Organisation as part of their supplier development commitment. They are held with the support of Local Authority Procurement and Enterprise Support teams - helping you understand and engage with local procurement practice (including how to access quotations and lower value work not always put out to tender).

Keep in touch with the NEPO BUSINESS CLUB for latest updates, and follow our WORKSHOPS & EVENT CALENDAR for our latest schedule.

"I came to your Masterclass in April. In 6 months we have won over £2.5m in contracts, with £2.1m of that with new customers. We are also now on the Local Council's Framework. Just wanted to say thanks."


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Our region-wide workshops and events are attended by hundreds of businesses every year, including our acclaimed NEPO Business Club workshops, and events held jointly with national and regional Agencies, Local Authorities, the FSB and others.

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It’s not just time and resources - you need true expertise on your side. We know how to craft persuasive, compelling, winning tenders, bids, proposals and quotations.

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Our successes don’t just come from writing tenders. That’s just part of the business and development insight and expertise we can offer.

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