Our Tender Writing expertise has been hard won, through hands-on working on real, live tenders, with real businesses facing real challenges and opportunities. We have worked across every type of bid and sector, including helping start-ups win contracts whilst still writing the business plan, helping established family and regional businesses make that first breakthrough into public contracts, and helping larger established business improve their win rates and move to that next level.

Some businesses have won after we have just talked through their bid on the phone - pinpointing the key areas that really count. Others rely on us to read and edit their initial draft, and for others we act as a virtual in-house bid-writing resource as part of their team.

Whether you need to protect renewal of a current contract, looking for that breakthrough, or wanting to build your share of the market, you need proven expertise and insight. It's not just about managing the process, or helping you 'answer the questions', it's about finding the best way to maximise your score and WIN.

We don't make guarantees or quote fantastical success rates. What we do pledge is total effort and commitment combined with proven experience and expertise. As bid writers we have helped secure to date over £280 million in potential contract value for the region's businesses, and to this we can add tens of millions more where we have been key members of clients' bid teams. This includes across construction, removals and logistics, shipping, sports, leisure and facilities management, professional services, the widest range of regional and local social services, domiciliary care, Health services, health & safety, training, travel, CCTV, catering, offshore, specialist products and ancillary services, marketing and web, IT/software, engineering, work-wear, janitorial products, specialist lifts and hoists, waste management, environmental consultancy, specialist building surveys, specialist fire safety training ..........

Whether you just want some free advice, someone to cast an eye over your previous bids, or the expertise you need to transform your prospects, just call and talk through where you are - and you will quickly understand what we are about.


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Our region-wide workshops and events are attended by hundreds of businesses every year, including our acclaimed NEPO Business Club workshops, and events held jointly with national and regional Agencies, Local Authorities, the FSB and others.

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It’s not just time and resources - you need true expertise on your side. We know how to craft persuasive, compelling, winning tenders, bids, proposals and quotations.

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Our successes don’t just come from writing tenders. That’s just part of the business and development insight and expertise we can offer.

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Just to let you know that we were successful with the tender and are now on the Council Framework. This has opened up a whole new area of opportunity for us.
Mark Crow : Hubbway Plant Hire